Reno Aquarium Maintenance

Son’s Fish is proud to offer aquarium maintenance in Reno.

Our Maintenance Service, which is separate from our Reno Aquarium Cleaning Service, consists of the following:

  • Chemical testing of water/tank for health diagnosis
  • Refilling water topper
  • Refilling auto-feeder(s)
  • Balancing of water chemistry if needed. (Prices associated with necessary chemicals, solution, RO water, feed, salt, etc. not included)
  • Consultation and recommendations based on the desires of the client

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Aquarium Coral
What makes our aquarium maintenance service stand out?

While our aquarium cleaning service is more geared towards aquarium owners looking for a low input and hassle-free service, our aquarium maintenance service is certainly more personal.

Our goal when providing maintenance service is to provide you with a vehicle you can use to steer to your desired destination. We listen to your goals and desires so we can gently nudge your aquarium in the direction you would like it to go.

More information and pricing about our Reno aquarium maintenance services can be found here.

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