Reno Aquarium Cleaning

We offer hassle-free Aquarium Cleaning in Reno.

Our cleaning service includes:

  • 20% water change (We can provide RO Salt Water for $0.90/gal and Freshwater for $0.55/gal.)
    • Note: Not all tanks will require a monthly 20% water change. Generally speaking, mature and larger aquariums may require less or sometimes no water changing. This is a destination and not a starting point for setups with a diverse ecosystem.
  • Full and thorough cleaning of algae from all aquarium glass/acrylic surfaces
  • Cleaning/rinsing of easily accessible filters
  • Gravel/sand vacuum

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fish and coral

Why us? Why Reno?

Son’s Fish strives to provide the most convenient aquarium cleaning service. Our maintenance service, which includes water testing, chemical rebalancing, and consultation, is a separate package. This is by design.

We want business owners and aquarium owners to have the choice of a service that matches their needs. Many of our clients exchange few, if any, words when we visit. Payments can be done entirely online before we even arrive.

Not quite what you were looking for?

For clients who are searching for a more personal service, our maintenance service is separate from our cleaning service, but they can be bundled together.

More information about our Reno maintenance services can be found here.

Got some time to spare? Check out this video on some of the best Algae Eaters for your Aquarium.

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