Shaving Brush Algae

Shaving Brush Algae (also called Shaving Brush) is a great addition to any saltwater aquarium because it is a hardy algae with high calcification meaning it won’t be getting eaten by any critters. Shaving Brush is a macroalgae from the family of penicillus.


Shaving Brush Algae can grow up to 12” in height with perfect conditions. But usually, Shaving Brush Algae will grow to about 7”

Ideal Growth Conditions

Shaving Brush plants require water in between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. They prefer a pH in between 8.1 and 8.4. Shaving Brush Algae will grow fastest in sandy substrate with high lighting, however it will survive and grow slowly with a coarse substrate or lower lighting.

These types of algae will knock over or break with high flow rates, however moderate indirect flow is necessary for a healthy plant.

Shaving Brush Plants also require calcium for growth and it is recommended to keep your tank calcium levels in between 350 and 450ppm for optimal growth.

Aquarium Benefits

Shaving Brush Algae can provide many benefits to your aquarium. Among these include

  • Like many other forms of algae, Shaving Brush Algae removes excess nutrients from the water of your fish tank. The amount of nutrients absorbed depends on the sized quantity of your Shaving Brush Clusters
  • Shaving Brush Algae is among the most attractive types of algae. With bright green bristles sticking high in the water that wave with the current, they can catch eyes in the foreground or provide a sense of volume from the background
  • The Shaving Brush Algae is unique in that it will not get eaten by most marine animals. It is important to note that some types of urchins may feed on this type of algae
Shaving Brush Algae Aquarium Benfits
Shaving Brush Algae Aquarium Benefits

Species Compatibility

As mentioned previously, sea urchins are known to much on this algae. Additionally, you should be wary when adding Shaving Brush algae to a tank with Crabs or Damsels.

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