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5 Gallon Reef Tank

The key difference between larger reef tanks and a 5 gallon reef tank is the water volume. Higher volume means more input is required to make big changes. Alternatively, this means very little input can have big changes in a 5 gallon reef tank.

EcoBio Stone – Everything You Need to Know

EcoBio Blocks are artificial rocks designed with a paste from volcanic rock, cement, bacteria, and nutrients. These porous blocks are designed to shelter bacteria and provide an environment that promotes healthy bacteria propagation.

Can you own a Seahorse?

Owning a seahorse has become an increasingly manageable hobby due to advances in aquarium technology. A common question among aquarists is “Can you own a Seahorse?” The confusion behind this question is rooted in a lack of information about Seahorses. In this article, we will discuss the aquarium requirements for owning a Seahorse as well as the process for adding a Seahorse to your fish tank.

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