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Son’s Fish provides aquarium maintenance, cleaning, consultation, and fish health services. We are readily available in the Reno, Carson, and Fernley areas. Further details about our services and pricing can be found below.


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Some quick numbers

Everybody knows that ignoring your tank is going to lead to some bad problems. But how bad?

  • A 10 μM increase from the ideal levels of ammonium in a tank can decrease Coral growth by more than a half!
  • Unionized ammonia levels of just 0.05 mg/L will begin to damage fish gills. Ideally, an aquarium should have undetectable levels of ammonia.
  • A study published in the Iranian Journal of Fisheries Sciences found that the color lighting in your tank can affect fish growth by up to 16%!
  • Check out this great article from Angies List to see if an aquarium cleaning or maintenance service is for you.

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